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Full Version: MyLife 0.5 Beta 1 preview! -- Beta testers required!!
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Hey guys!
First of all, here's a preview of the CORE version!
[Image: 14dzp0z_th.jpg]

Second of all!
I need beta-testers. ( only a few so hurry up to be the one! )
I want to be SURE it has no bugs.

Beta-testers are given more privileges & will know more about the project.
Each beta-tester will get 100 (.)(.) for having installed it & tested it!

Become a beta-tester here!

I think everything is clear..
BTW I don't recommend using the beta version on any live websites until I'm sure every bug is out! ( at the moment, it might mess up your templates Tongue - normally should work, but am not sure Tongue )

I know you guys can't wait for it to release, so.. If you help beta-testing, it will release faster!
Also note, this is the CORE.
I will afterwards make OTHER Modules that are addons of this module!

Any questions? Don't be afraid to ask Smile.
- Shadows.
So did you get the postbit working finally?
By the way, do you really have it like "( Dead )" and "User is dead" ? I would put that in the title of the image
Thanks for the suggestion lmao.
Didn't have images that said that yet.. Was waiting for a better one of CO_ol so I put that for the moment Wink.

BTW It released for beta-testers at my site Smile.
Thank you,
- Shadows.
You didn't answer me >.>
Oops lol yeh I got it working Smile
Took me some time though xD.
- Shadows.
Joined your Beta-Testers group! Wink
Going to approve you Wink
DON'T use it on a live site.
It should be safe but I wouldn't want problems Tongue.
- Shadows.
By live site he means a site like this. Test it on a localhost
I still don't understand what is mylife ahaha
Wow, great modules, i'll register today on your site
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