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in my forum I am dead and i must give 1,000.00 to trinit :p
I gave before 1.00 and after 999.00 but i am yet dead.....
You must give the SAME amount to revive.
Giving a total that is the same will not work
what you send MUST BE PRECISELY the price.
Paying 0.01 more will result in not reviving.

It's MyRPG btw..

Thank you.
- Shadows.
Plus it says that in the message
I gave before 500.00 and after 500.00 but i have the same problem
You must give the PRECISE AMOUNT. If it requires 1000, give 1000
Yep its pretty obvious in the RPG area. Pay THIS MUCH no more no less to be revived.
But just get subscription here and you can get the options above that. Smile
My members love the other options. Like no i am not going to pay you i will rather get revival Smile
give me the money ahahah

You can go to admin cp and u can change the amount of money.. if them are so much
Yes, I could but i prefer do the things in regular way:p