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Full Version: [Release] Quick Ban 1.0.0 - Gold
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Quick Ban 1.0.0

Note: this module doesn't have a free(or premium) version because it was requested by a gold subscriber.

This module lets you ban a user(for 1 day) from the plaza by buying the item "Quick ban".
This is useful in case you don't want to make someone moderator but you want that someone to be able to ban users in case there's someone spamming the forum.
So the user is temporarily banned and the administrator will know it once he logs in.

Moderators and Administrators cannot be banned.
Note that only the users set in Quick Ban module options can buy the "Quick ban" item.

  • Upload the contents of Upload to your forums's root.
  • Go to your Admin CP, go to MyPlaza Turbo page and choose the Modules tab. Activate "Quick Ban - Gold"
  • Go to the options of this module and enter the uid's of the users(separated by a comma) who are allowed to buy the "Quick ban" item.
  • Then, enter the group id of the Banned group.
  • Enter the user id of the who user who gets the PM's alerting about the ban. (by default it is set to 1) Click save.
  • Once done, the item is ready to be used, otherwise it would give an error message telling the user that the module wasn't configured.

This file comes with its own license inside readme.txt. Remember you are NOT authorized to share this module with anyone as it is only for Gold subscribers.
Thanks Nevero! This is nice, I will try it out now.

Edit: One bug: When you buy the product successfully, it displays a bunch of codes like <div>........ and does not display User banned successfully (or whatever the success message is), but the user is banned. Also, I set the user id to 1, but I never got a PM.

Instead of allowed userid (people who can ban), can you change it to blocked userid? Thanks. Smile
AAAAAAAAAAARG!!! I can't wait until my dad lets me get this!
Why can't you get it yourself?
No I can't change it to blocked user id, why would you want that only a few members can be banned? If a spammer registers he won't be able to be banned. By the way, I don't see why that displays like that, that seems to be an error somewhere, it displays fine on my test forum. Can you check the response retrieved by firebug?
All users can buy it?
Read the phrase in red. also not that this is in the gold section..
(03-20-2009, 03:20 AM)Dark_Sabre Wrote: [ -> ]Why can't you get it yourself?

you must be a gold subscriber
Here is the message that I get when I ban a user using the product:

<div style="background: #FBEEF1 url( center no-repeat; background-position: 7px 7px; text-align: left; margin: 5px 15px 5px 15px; padding: 13px 20px 13px 45px; border-top: 2px solid #FEABB9; border-bottom: 2px solid #FEABB9; line-height: 150%; font-weight: bold; width: 90%;">A connection error occurred!</div>
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