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Full Version: [Release] Quick Ban 1.0.0 - Gold
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(08-07-2009, 11:03 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Did you change the settings?

Banned usergroup: 2 (Registered)
Allowed Users: 154, 155, 1 (2 Testaccounts and me)
User ID: 1 (me)

If i bann a user , the message is alright: "User is banned"

But if i Login into his account, i can buy Items.

Can you tell me perhaps another way, to ban a user from the plaza?
the banned user group should be the banned group not the registered group. Otherwise once you ban someone, you're putting that user in the registered user group
o.O... i´m an idiot Big Grin

i thought, the ban was only for the Plaza.

Now i understand it. Works perfect!

Another question:

where i can change the ban from 1 day to 1 week?
I found this two entries:

$lifted = ban_date2timestamp('1-0-0');
'bantime' => $db->escape_string('1-0-0'),.

Can i change there the time?
Change 1-0-0 to 7-0-0 Smile
(08-08-2009, 02:21 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]Change 1-0-0 to 7-0-0 Smile

done... thx Wink

Now i add a new usergroup, and this group don´t earn money in the plaza. i only copied the "registered" group and change the following settings: "The income will be multiplied by this number for all users in this usergroup = 0" . works perfect!

So the Users are only banned from the money system, and not from the board. That was it, what i need.

thx for help Wink
Okay, I'm glad this worked for you Smile
Sorry but if anyone could ban anyone the forum will be messed up, right?
Read the description please
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