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Full Version: [Release] Quick Ban 1.0.0 - Gold
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@Trinit it's not that!
It's something else, probably a coding error ( also had that error a few times when coding my mods Wink )
- Shadows.
@EW, I need the response from the server, not that message. (Install firebug (firefox addon), then at the bottom right corner, click the bug and check the the 3 checkboxes once you are on your site, click activate for "YOURSITE NAME" and then try to buy the item again, then click "Console" tab and check the response retrieved by POST
Here it is:
<br />
<b>Fatal error</b>: Call to undefined function quick_ban_myplaza_send_pm() in <b>/hermes/web07/b2649
/moo.eternalwolf/forums/inc/plugins/myplaza/quick_ban.php</b> on line <b>301</b><br />
Thanks that's what I needed.
Checking why that error happens..
Re-uploaded pack, just repload the updated file to your forums, thanks
@Pirata Nervo,
Nice! now i know how I've got to debug that Big Grin. xD.
Thank you,
- Shadows.
Warned!!! F*&^%#$ idiot.
i´ve just installed the Module.

All is working fine, but one big problem:

The user, which is banned, can use the Plaza.
i don´t understand, why?

an idea?
I've just uploaded a new rar. Changed the compatibility version to 1.0 so I don't have to update this module next time I release a new version of MyPlaza Turbo, I don't plan on making any big changes to MyPlaza Turbo so this module should always work perfectly.
Did you change the settings?
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