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Full Version: Change the $ in one of ۝۞☻☺
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I want to use one of this ۝۞☻☺

Instead of $

The answer is.... if i insert one of this ۝۞☻☺ all user can view it?

Or not all of them can view that figures?

I take that from: mappa caratteri of windows but i don't know the english name :S

It's called Character Map. Tongue
Depends from computer to computer and also from browser to browser. IE doesn't support some, FF supports all of them I think (the ones you have) Also depends from web page to web page
I use i try with IE

wich browser do you use?
You can see that?
Firefox, works perfectly
Yeh, FF is the best browser to use unicode with. Tongue
â–² â–²

lol u too