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is there a way to give some points for referrals?
edit income options, I remember there were some bugs in referrals tho, I think the money wouldn't be removed if the referred user was deleted
And do you think of solv this bug?
I don't know, I might fix it one day, it's not a really important thing
It's importart for who wants use points for referrals:p
But the only bug I remember is if a referred user is deleted, the money doesn't get removed, that's it

PS: I think you aren't happy today
No, you just don't understand.
It gives money per referral correctly as far as I know. But if you delete the user that referred someone, that someone will not lose the money he got by referral
I understood-.-"
I don't understand why you think that i didn't understand--"
Because you said I am not happy, I am, I don't have any reasons to not be Tongue
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