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Full Version: Problem after installing new theme
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I just installed a new theme at my side. Now when using this theme MyPlaza isn't working correctly. When I click on an object to buy it nothing happens. In the old themes everything just works fine. Maybe there has to be a manual template edit? But which one and where?
This have been answerd before? Reconstruct the templates then try to click an item.
I found the answer in this thread. I had to manually edit the headerinclude-template. Can be closed.
Okey... *Closed after request*
I've opened it again as he might need to ask more questions(trust me).
You will have to edit more templates like:
postbit, postbit_classic, member_profile, footer and maybe another one I don't remember.
Those are the templates edited by Modules and MyPlaza Turbo (until now, I haven't seen any modules that have modified other templates than these)
Yeah I thought so too when reading this thread but I think he added that ( he probly went to my FAQ or sth? )
'cause I went to his site and the skin works ( NDesign if that's the one lol. )
- Shadows.
Ok that's good then. (take a look at the money prefix thread please)