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Full Version: Getting a constant error?
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Fatal error: Call to undefined function myplaza_display_module_settings() in /home/ftwnet/public_html/inc/plugins/myplaza/stealmoney.php on line 123

I get this when i try edit anything with plaza?
Any ideas on this one?
Do you have MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.5 installed? You don't seem to have
Yeah that's probably it, because Version 1.6+ require MyPlaza 0.2.5
As stated in readme...
lol but no worries..
- Shadows.
Thats the problem. I need to update. Thanks guys. Im going gold member now anyway so i will prob uninstall and reinstall again with new version etc.
Thanks again guys.
Seems all my errors are relating to same thing. Me lol. Not checking for updates.
Cool Tongue A fresh install is always good Big Grin