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Full Version: [Release] Random item 1.0.0 - Premium
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This module selects a random item from an array of items and gives that item to the user.
The user only pays the price of the random item and not the price of the item he won.

  1. Upload the contents of the Upload folder to your MyBB forums' root.
  2. Go to your Admin CP, go to MyPlaza Turbo page and choose the Modules tab. Activate Random Item Premium
  3. Go to the options of this module and enter the iid's of the items you want to be available. You can get the iid (item id) of each item by placing the mouse over the item link in Admin CP. (the link should end as &iid=ITEM_ID_IS_HERE). Just put the ones you want in the text box (separate them by commas) and click ok.
  4. Move the "random item" item to a category and voilá, it's done.

  • Ability to set, in module options, if the user pays the item he won.
  • Ability to set, in module options, the chance of losing. (so the user doesn't get an item although he has bought the "random item" item)
  • Creates a log entry whenever a user wins an item (for both, the "Random Item" item and for the item the user won, test it yourself on your site so you know what I mean)

Download file is attached to this post.
Thanks Nervo Smile
Re-uploaded attachment, fixes the bug mentioned in the free version thread.
Just re-upload the file to /inc/plugins/myplaza