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Full Version: [Release] Random item 1.0.0
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This module selects a random item from an array of items and gives that item to the user.
The user only pays the price of the random item and not the price of the item he won.

Upload the file to inc/plugins/myplaza and activate it.

Go to the options of this module and enter the iid's of the items you want to be available. You can get the iid (item id) of each item by placing the mouse over the item link in Admin CP. (the link should end as &iid=ITEM_ID_IS_HERE)

Just put the ones you want in the text box (separate them by commas) and click ok. Move the "random item" item to a category and voilá, it's done.

1. Set the price of this item to 50.
2. Make an item winnable(?).
3. Set "Maximum number of this item a user can own" to 1 of that item.
4. I can now buy the "random item"-item and get the item I made winnable(?) as many times as I want, but it's a waste of money cuz when I go to my inventory, I only got one...
Why are you setting the max to 1 then?
Cuz, maybe it's a expesive item with only two in stock? Tongue
Like a planet mixed with some other non-expensive items?
Okay, I've updated it. Can you try again please? The max ownable error message should popup with the prefix "Randomized item error:"
Can you confirm it works?
Tested it myself, works perfectly Smile
Awesome Big Grin Thanks Pirata
You forgot to remove
from the post lol.
Nice work will install it later in the day Smile.
- Shadows.
Thanks, Removed it Tongue
where i could find the item id?
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