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Full Version: An Alternate Route?
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Labrocca has an alternate to a subscription on his forums. Is there on here? A post exchange or service of some kind? A post count, or (.)(.) amount or something? I would really like these plugins, as many others would, but I just cannot pay.
I think not.
I think Nervo won't do any alternative way at all but ya..
But you could suggest nervo.

@Nervo look: this is what Labrocca does:
Post 100 posts for free subscription ON OTHER, NEW site, like this he's able to start new sites with forums.
You could do the same xP.
Well just suggesting Wink.

- Shadows.
I'll think about it. But even if I make you premier, you won't get some of the benefits that real premiers get like instant donation of 10 000 boobies and probably a few others I will add
Hmm...come on, it is not expensive and you are helping to keep this site running
lol Eternalwolf what about people who Can Not pay ?
Some people can't pay via paypal lol..
And 18- people have more trouble than others to get money but are willing to contribute to the community..
- Shadows.
Yeah, I guess that is true. Smile
I am under 18 Tongue
(03-13-2009, 05:32 AM)eternalwolf Wrote: [ -> ]Hmm...come on, it is not expensive and you are helping to keep this site running

I wish I could pay, I love this community and this site, and I think the admin does a wonderful job here. I just can't pay it =/ Every time I try to pay for something online my father intervenes and stops me. I just can't.

@ Pirata, I don't mind about extra privileges, I just want the plugins Tongue
Yeh it's okay, I'll think about an alternate route today once I finish the random item module
(03-13-2009, 07:10 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]I am under 18 Tongue
I finally know it now!!!
But I can't transfer money to paypal, but you only have to receive, not to transfer.
- Shadows.
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