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Full Version: [Release] MyRPG 1.2.0 - Premium
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I got it to work by deleting that script as you said in your previous post. I forgot that i uploaded it to the myplaza plugin directory. It works flawlessly now, thanks to you Pirata Nervo!

By the way, where can I find the MyRPG messages?
I'll be adding a few more items for MyRPG such as different weapons and maybe even a visible experience point system. So you know how close you are until you level up.

I'll have one of my designers make you a banner. same size as above correct? or would you like it a different size? Considering the vast differences in your current banners, im sure you dont have a specific color scheme. or do you? ok well ill get back to you soon and PM you the link to download.

EternalWolf Management
The size is the same as the above banners, yes. No matter what color scheme is Tongue

MyRPG messages are displayed below the private messages notice (the yellow bar which tells you that you have X unread pms the last was sent by etc). The messages only show up if you were attacked by anyone.
By the way, I have updated the download link with the new version which fixes one simple bug.(not important) Just reupload myrpg_user.php
Thanks Smile
I have just attacked a test user. When I went on that account, it only displays "Click here to delete this message" on the top of the screen. I have tried reconstructing the templates but had no luck.

EternalWolf Management
Hmm I remember that bug but I remember fixing it too Tongue Forgot one thing, thanks.
I've reuploaded the package. You just need the new myrpg_user.php
Thanks for the bug report
Updated the download link once more.

It's not a bug fix, just an enhancement (you won't notice it tho)
what's the difference between this version and the public one? I couldn't find it Tongue

PS: how do I add new myRPG items? I can only add inventory items, but I don't see the settings to add a RPG item...
Just got an error here. Trying to buy in plaza.

[Image: 12375945353333_CaptureWiz023.png]

Testing mine now as i just upgraded.

Working ok on mine. So not sure whats up there.
Did you re-upload the package? that was fixed ages ago
I got the error here Priata not at my forum. The image should have shown that. Ohhh bugger i forgot the banner in the img post sorry. But yea it was a problem here mate.
Oh probably because I forgot to upload it here lmao.
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