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Full Version: Buy a theme?
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Hey guys,

Any chance for the ability for users to be able to buy themes. So they have to pay a certain amount to be able to use a certain theme on the site?

Why would someone wanna pay to use another theme???
Stupid idea :S an user NEVER will pay coins for a theme...
I killed the dude hahahza xD.
- Shadows.
That idea has been given already Tongue It's always good to have new ideas for modules, I may make it once school ends
It is just an incentive to post and earn the credits to buy the theme.

It's actually not that much of a wacko idea. Actually, 'Trinit' I posted a topic on my forum asking what features they would like to see on the site and a few of them have said instead of the themes just being available you should buy them. That is the only reason I posted here.
But man believe me, pple on my board don't even buy items ( not often.. )
I don't think they'd buy themes, they're like, I'm not going to pay for a theme!! It should be free!
Just my opinion, but you decide Wink.
- Shadows.
Well people here would pay for a very nice theme I guess Tongue
Maybe use an ugly theme as default and make ppl buy the better ones? Tongue
lol then nobody will register xD.
Anyway, Slate Blue FTW! xD.
- Shadows.