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Full Version: Postbit problem
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Hi Guys,

How can I move the location of the cash in the Postbit? I've reorganized the classic postbit and I want to move the location. Now I tried to copy what was after the user details in the postbit_classic template and paste that where I wanted it in the author_user template, however there was one problem. I had changed the decimal option to 0 (I'm using it as a points system, and 10.02 points I don't think makes sense) Now that WAS working when it was in the postbit_classic template but when I moved it it was showing the decimals again.

Maybe I'm going to wrong way about it? I would appreciate any help.

Alsooo...Is there anyway to customize how much cash people get in each forum? I've set it to 10 in the module options, but in certain forums I want it to be 50. Is this easy to accomplish?


p.s FANTASTIC MOD!!! Great work.
Just edit the forums's income rate Smile
I don't understand the postbit problem :/
Yes it is quite difficult to explain.

By default, the Money that is displayed in the postbit goes to the very bottom of all the user info, correct? But what I want to do, is to move it underneath the Joined date. I've added a photo to support what I want to do.

So the default forum income rate is 10 points. To change that to 50 for one forum, do I just change the 1 to a 5 in the income multiplier box in that specific forum ?

E.g. income rate for posts is 10, just change the forum income rate to 5, it will multiply the 10 by 5. (50)
So, what happens when you change it? (template)
I copied this
<span class="smalltext"><a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/plaza.php">{$lang->money}</a>: <span id="postmoney_{$post['pid']}">{$post[MYPLAZA_MONEY_COLUMN]}{$post['donate_postbit']}</span></span>
from postbit_classic, and I pasted it below
<div class="postinfo">{$post['replink']}</div><br/>
in the postbit_author_user template, and it is now showing the decimals, even though it is set to 0 in the settings. It also not showing the $ sign.

Added a picture. The bottom Money underneath the Mood is what is put in by default, and the money in the white box is where I put it.
it's only prepared to show in postbit and postbit_classic I think (I don't remember the code at the moment) so you can't expect it to work perfectly Tongue
Ahh ok, thanks Smile