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Full Version: [Release] MyRPG 1.2.0
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Hmmm I have no idea, it seems to work for everyone :/
Help please!

On my board ( I can kill people but they can't revive themselves. also, they need to pay the killer $1000 before they can buy RPG items again. however, the money is sent and they still can't buy items.
To revive they must pay the same money that you have set in settings

they pay but they still don't live. we've even tried donating 100,000 and it still won't work.

I tried to look in admin CP but this appeared:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function myplaza_display_module_settings() in /mnt/w0511/d42/s37/b02fd556/www/ on line 684

I have uploaded the files as i should've.

You don't seem to have MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.5 installed.
By the way, you must pay EXACTLY the amount set in the settings
Sorry Can I Have the part of MyRPG of the member_profile template???

Because I lost it and I don't want to restart it. Smile
You can try reconstructing MyRPG's templates.
Anyway here it is:
<td class="trow2" width="50%">{$hp}</td><td class="trow2" width="50%"><img src="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/myrpg_image.php?ak={$memprofile['myrpg_attack']}" alt="{$lang->myrpg_attack} {$memprofile['myrpg_attack']}" title="{$lang->myrpg_attack_full} {$memprofile['myrpg_attack']}/{$mybb->settings['myrpg_attack_max']}" /></td>

<td class="trow2" width="50%"><img src="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/myrpg_image.php?df={$memprofile['myrpg_defense']}" alt="{$lang->myrpg_defense} {$memprofile['myrpg_defense']}" title="{$lang->myrpg_defense_full} {$memprofile['myrpg_defense']}/{$mybb->settings['myrpg_defense_max']}" /></td><td class="trow2" width="50%"><img src="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/myrpg_image.php?lvl={$memprofile['myrpg_level']}" alt="{$lang->myrpg_level} {$memprofile['myrpg_level']}" title="{$lang->myrpg_level_full} {$memprofile['myrpg_level']}/{$mybb->settings['myrpg_level_max']}" /></td>
Thanks a lot Wink
ive noticed, on who is online, users are on a unknown location. when i click the link i takes me to the myrpg picture (level 3 in this case) i think this people are reading a thread which i posted,...not shure, but i'm the only lv3 in my forums and the lv shown is 3. theyre not viewing my profile, shure about his because LeX-'s plugin would show the nick in Latest Visits Wink
They are reading a thread or your profile (this is fixed in the version which comes with MP 0.3.0) or viewing the image directly
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