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Full Version: [Release] MyRPG 1.2.0
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Ok I get you.
I got an idea, why not make beta-testers premium? =D xD.

will you use Labrocca's mod or make one for subscription? You might release that too then Smile.

- Shadows.
Make a new one but will only be suitable for me as I don't plan releasing it. I won't use labrocca's one because it needs a premium or business account.
Mine will not have IPN so you subscribe, the subscription will be stored in the database and once the subscription has expired, a message will display below the private messages notice thing telling you to renew your subscription or end it
Updated download link
Updated download link, fixed one bug. Reupload myrpg_user.php
Updated the download link once more.

It's not a bug fix, just an enhancement (you won't notice it tho)
edit: nm
why not integrate rpg in inventory?

I think it would be nice...

People have their weapons and other users can see them,
and you can create new easily...

why not?
Because it would require the forum to have inventory installed. I will create an inventory inside MyRPG
oh I thought it only works with mybb installed,

but I will try to do my idea: convert the current weapons into potions (something like power potions)

And create weapons as items that when you buy increase your attack, and if you sell it decrease the attack,
and make something like item classes restriction, to have only one weapon per user being used.
Yeh that's what I said in a thread in this forum already. That's what I'll do one of these days.
but what do you mean "oh I thought it only works with mybb installed,".
For MyRPG to work with Inventory module, you must the inventory module installed. To have these modules installed, you must have MyPlaza Turbo installed, to have MyPlaza Turbo, you need MyBB of course >.>
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