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Full Version: [Release] MyRPG 1.2.0
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Where is the file? Did you put it in the download package in the front page?
Yes he did.
I just checked it.
- Shadows.
Reuploaded files but IMAGE still not showing up =|.
Oh...then I will wait since the images are still not showing.
Well the images are there, if they're not showing, must be a problem with your server or something. Try accessing them from the url bar
Okay, I will just download the file again then. Let me try.

Edit: It works now!
I'm glad it works Smile
Found a few bugs while creating the premium version of MyRPG. So you may expect a new release tomorrow. The bugs are not really important but I recommend you to upgrade once I release the new version.
I do hope i'm a "premium" xP.
- Shadows.
Yeah, who are premium users?
Premium users PAY. Yes, pay. I will create a subscription system for the forum so you can subscribe and get premium versions of various modules. (3 USD for 1 year subscription).
There will always be a free version (and will always be the first version I create) that will carry the features I have thought for that plugin until the release date. Once I release the free version, I will think about new features for a premium version and then release the premium version.
I don't know if you get me or not Tongue
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