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Full Version: [Release] MyRPG 1.2.0
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the fix everyone's status tool just checks if someone has more points than the max allowed. If this is true, it sets the points to the max. It doesn't guess how many times you bought the axe
I see. The weird thing is that when you buy the axe just once, it makes your points go to 510 instead of just increase by 25. Is there a way to fix this bug?
Are you sure you upgraded to 1.1.0? You must replace the files as well
Yep I just tried reinstalling again, rewriting over all the existing files. Ran the 2 fix files after activating MyRPG 1.1.0. The first item I bought was the Axe and it made my attack level to be 510/500. What else should I try?
Huh? You shuld only run the fix files if you are upgrading from 1.0.0, if you run the activate function by clicking the activate button, there's no need to run the fix files. Anyway, I don't understand what's wrong. That's the problem of 1.0.0 so I guess you still have the old files
I've attached screen shots of the bug. First screen shot shows what happens to your stats when you purchase the Axe. The second screen shot shows that I am running version 1.1.0.

Also, I've ran these files as well:
Deactivate -> Activate -> Buy an axe. Try this please
I tried to deactive and activate again but the same error ocurred.

Then I tried to deactive and uninstall, reuploaded all the MyPlazaTurbo and MyRPG 1.1.0 files, and then activated it. Still same problem. Except now my post bit is acting weird.

What should I try next?
I don't know, that's really weird. How many times did you buy the axe? Just one time? What are the attack points of the axe?
I have the current version of myplaza aand mybb and sometimes that pops up on me I have to create a new account and merge there info to fix it but is there a simper way of doing this without making theme a new account?
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