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Full Version: MyRPG - Problem
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HI, I'm Italian.
I have a problem, I downloaded the new myplaza and I installed myrpg. Why not display some images on HP, attack and defense? bars red, blue and green? There are problems with the file "myrpg_image.php" ?
<br/><b>Double Post</b><br>
You understand? mY problem?
This was already answered so please search the forum.
Thank you
(03-04-2009, 08:26 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]This was already answered so please search the forum.
Thank you
I did not find any similar post. Explain here
in postbit and postbit_classic templates
                            {$post['user_details']}<br />
<span class="smalltext">{$post['myrpg_postbit']}<a href="{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/plaza.php">{$lang->money}</a>: <span id="postmoney_{$post['pid']}">{$post[MYPLAZA_MONEY_COLUMN]}{$post['donate_postbit']}</span></span><br />{$post['invitems']}

Make sure the {$post['user_details']} part (as well as what's after it) looks like the above. The code above will display the inventory items and the donate link too, if you don't have those modules activated, remove:
No, this is not my problem. The images are not displayed, even though it has loaded all the files correctly.
But I see death, there are problems with file myrpg_image?
It seems you didn't upload myrpg images
I uploaded myrpg_image.
What should I do to see the images? I have uploauded three times
myrpg_image.php is not the images.
The images are in images/myplaza/myrpg

Anyway, can you post a link to your forum please?
all images is in images/myplaza/myrpg
I see "dead" but I don't see defense, atk, hp, lvl.
Which the file that displays the images in postbit and in profile?
Hai uppato correttamente le immagini?
Non solo quella del morto!
Apri il file myrpg images .php non ricordo il nome e guarda il nome delle immagini e la posizione ... combaciano?

Poi un link al forum aiuterebbe....


ENG: Do you up correctly all images? Not only the one of the death
Open the file php of myrpg images and see the link of the images and the place where they are...

Then a link of the forum can help us
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