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Full Version: Limit on attack and defense?
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I bought heaps of swords etc, and I seem to have 815/500 attack. Is there supposed to be a limit?

EDIT: as a test, I upped my defense to 500, and thats the max, so it only applies to attack.
i had my attack up there too. it owned. but nervo changed it
U shouldn't have said anything lol.
I must see what's wrong. I have tried to buy swords too but it doesn't let me lol
Hahahaha, Told you he'd take it down if he saw this thread.
I created a page for MyRPG in the Admin Panel so I can fix everybody stats easily. I must track down this bug so if anyone of you finds how to cheat it, please report it
the way i got was bought a lot of swords real fast
ok I am going to do it now