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Full Version: MyPlaza Turbo Error !!
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please help me Sad

[Image: 2f639d05e5.jpg]

if i create new post or thread
EDit: sorry i couldn't see it, wait lemme see it xP.
EDIT2: reupload inc/myplaza/myplaza_general.php.
try that.. not sure what it is yet.
Edit3: if possible reupload all files
--- did you translate anything? ---
- Shadows.
Did you change any files?
If yes write the first line of myplaza_general.php.
it's not the first line, the eval error will not link you to the first line Tongue
It's just a var he translated that's wrong
Line is 1251
haha xP
maybe he forgot a bracket ( "/' ) or a dot comma ( ; ) =).
don't forget ( if udk xD )
$var = 'This';
- Shadows.
yes it seems he forgot a \ before a ' or before a "
possible, escaping quotes =).
- Shadows.
i already upload all the files, but that's not fix it.
and, i not edit anything..

after i upgrade with latest myplaza turbo.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in /home/kik10002/public_html/forum/inc/myplaza/myplaza_general.php(1304) : eval()'d code on line 1

i check on line 1304 :
eval('$values[$field] = '.$rows[$values[$key]][$field].';');

whats wrong?
if i tried to post a new thread or post

[Image: 53fab827868812.gif]
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i attach a file, please check the problem. this error very annoying..
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