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Full Version: bank money gone
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money from bank stolen?!?!

umm ok i had over 64000.00 in the bank and now it's gone... umm what? y? haha
PN Accidentally deactivated bank, reactivated it afterwards.
Everyone lost their money.
I had 159 000 (.)(.) in it too.
- Shadows.
i had about 15000 in mine all gone,
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I was fucking rich. I had over 75,000
man i had 159 000.
After making an inquiry at PN he checked a EARLY backup and i had 80 000 that time ( so he gave me 80 000 back ).
That makes a loss of 80 000 (.)(.)
=( =( =( =(.
- Shadows.
i had 25000
yea that blows... not that i ever use any of it haha but still nice to have money in da bank hahaha
Tongue Black Monday
And I had 350000+ D:
at least you still have some i dont have any thing
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