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Full Version: [Release]Steal Money Module 1.7
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Wow, yeah. Three releases in one day!
[If i find no more bugs, things to improve i might announce this module later as FINAL]
This one is the best available.
Really.. loads of features & all..
Let me sum some of the features up.

- Protected groups from stealing ( change in ACP )
- Invincibility item
- 1 Time magic Shield Item
- Steal Item
-- How much, from who
---Thousands of checks to see if possible to steal, ..
- Percentage of loses when stealing. ( above & Below X different percentages ) ( in ACP )
- Define X in acp.(called CL Points in ACP)

- Page with how many shields/if you are invincible/if you are in a protected group.

And really more than that!

[info]Includes upgrader for 1.5.X To 1.7 | 1.6 To 1.7[/info]

Click here!
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You might as well just keep updating one thread. You got like four new release threads.
yeah sorry lol.
- Shadows.
[NEW] I'm willing to install this plugin on several sites.
So if you're having difficulties/don't know how to install it, let me do it!
Only SEVERAL sites will be accepted for this offer.
Please e-mail [email protected] with your information for this.
I will then add you on MSN.

Thank you,
- Shadows.
Updated first post with Bug tracker link.
Please post upcoming suggestions there!

Thank you,
- Shadows.
Download link doesnt work for me, get error connecting message?
Problems with my hosting... Try again now Wink.
- Shadows.
This module looks like it could be put to good use one day
A lot of people use it already haha.
- Shadows.
Thanks for this Smile Looks like a really fun thing Wink
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