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Full Version: [Release] Steal Money Module 1.6
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Download it here:
You won't need any points anymore for my myplaza modules, but you'll have to login to download it..
INCLUDES UPGRADER FOR 1.5->1.6 / 1.5.2->1.6 (
it's the same upgrader )

- Adds an item to steal money from user ( sometimes works sometimes you're caught stealing. )
- Invincibility item
- 1 Time protecting item ( called: Magic Shield )

1.5.2 -> 1.6
New feature:
==> Protected usergroups ( change in ACP )
a lot of edits have been done for this release.

1.5 -> 1.5.2
(1.5.2 has not been released publicly)
Faster code,
only works on MyPlaza 0.2.5 from now on ( or higher )

1.4 -> 1.5
Few bugs fixed.
Reconstruct templates function added.
Removed sell option from 1.4.5 for security reasons.

Thank you for the support,
- Shadows.
Nice update. I think it's time to use it here?
Would be nice hehehe xP
TacticalBread beware of me xP.

though there is still one thing annoying me..
I've done if to steal is less than 150 (.)(.)
==> rand(0, 1) ==> 1 = win / 0 = lose
if higher than 150 (.)(.)
==> rand(0, 4) ==> i think that should be changed to easier to win like 0-3?
Well just check at line 262 you can change it if you want
i will include a setting in acp in next release.
Like you you did with a %age rate, idk how you did that but i'm about to decipher your myrpg to see how xP.
- Shadows.
EDIT: found it.. think it's this:
PHP Code:
$random round(mt_rand(1floatval(100/intval($mybb->settings['myrpg_chance_losing']))));
                if (
$random == 1)
$win false
Well just look at myrpg_user.php, in myrpg_page_page().
Is your sig a php script? It doesn't seem to be because the signature.gif image exists Confused
Or does the script creates that image in your server?
Yeap =).
It's a php file it gets from an original blank sig ( actually mine without the numbers ) and it overwrites the current sig i show with it and the details =).

Success! I was able to make the %ages.
It's difficult to explain the settings so i'll have to explain them thoroughly in the readme.

[info]I will release version 1.7 today. I will provide an upgrader for 1.5 & 1.5.2 & 1.6 ==> 1.7[/info]
So maybe you can wait before installing this one Wink.