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Full Version: Bug on myrpg
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In the admin cp (i don't touch the file) say me an error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: myplaza_display_module_settings() in /membri/tuttostudenti/inc/myplaza/myrpg_admin.php on line 674

Line 674:
myplaza_display_module_settings($lang->myrpg_items, array('myrpg_hpotion','myrpg_spotion','myrpg_potion','myrpg_lsword','myrpg_sword','myrpg_axe','myrpg_shield'), 'myrpg', 0, 0);

How can i ... resolve?
you didn't reupload all files. That function is declared in myplaza_general.php
ah sorry
no problem Smile
I install it but i don't see the arms :S where are?
the arms? I don't think that's what you mean in English. Confused


How can i say this: Sword guns xD The item that allow to kill a person
Oh lol armas in portuguese. Weapons in english. Just go to categories and items in admin cp and move the items to a category
how can i decide hte attack that a sword has?
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buyng a sword:
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