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Full Version: [Public Release] MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.5
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Here it is, MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.5.

  • MyCompany (2.0.0): added new settings; Employers can now create items too; Items can be restocked easily; Employers/Employees can hide or unhide their items; Fixed some issues. Multiple companies per user has been disabled. Employers can change the description of the company, the date of the next payment, the period between payments and inject money into the company
  • MyRPG (1.0.0): first release of MyRPG. Note that MyRPG makes use of the donate module so you must have it activated to be able to run MyRPG correctly.
  • Donate (1.0.3): added a new hook in donate_run() (this hook is used by MyRPG)
  • Fixed and improved a few things in MyPlaza Turbo.
  • Inventory (1.2.1): Fixed a bug, the private message for private message items was being escaped twice thus new lines would display as \r\n (windows) or \n (unix-based).
  • The code that's needed to display modules's settings (Admin CP) is different now. One line instead of 10 Tongue. See demo module for more info.

Download here.

Read the file Documentation/install.html to upgrade or install MyPlaza Turbo.

For module updates/releases, check this forum.

Before asking any questions, take a look at this thread:

Feel free to ask any questions (WHICH ARE NOT ANSWERED IN THE THREAD LINKED ABOVE) Smile
Awesome! But why do you always use someplace else to download from?
Nice Work Pirata!
Thanx thanx thanx |
what do you mean by someplace? Other than console world?
He use mediafire i think for:
1) Non register users
2) Probabbly because has a little space on his server so he use mediafire
I use mediafire because I have an account there and also because of reason #1 that trinit said Tongue
oh okay Big Grin That always confused me :/
Great work, Nervo.
Love it!
- Shadows.
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