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Full Version: [Public Release] MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.5
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If you are already working for one, you can't apply for another
oh so since I made my own company, I can't join anyone else's?
I haven't joined anyone's, besides the one I made myself.
Also I installed MyMood v1.0 but there are no options anywhere to change moods.
Yes you can't join anymore companies.
I have no idea what MyMood is
Think he could be talking about MyLife?
(03-23-2009, 05:29 AM)Elegant Totality Wrote: [ -> ]Think he could be talking about MyLife?

nope it's not MyLife, just mood plugin I found at MyBB's site. idk maybe it don't work. there's no instructions/readme that came with it.
lol, Pirata didn't write MyMood.
MyMood is a completely different thing >.> It's a plugin for MyBB made by someone else.
So the problems you have with it are not our responsibility Wink
Hey Pirata,

I installed MyPlaza and I'm trying to add modules. However, I get this error:

Quote:Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 46080 bytes) in /home/sites/ on line 1236

Any help here?

I've experienced that problem today in my localhost but never experienced that online.
Which modules aren't you going to use? (as I guess you cannot expand the limit of memory as you don't have access to php.ini)

MyRPG, MyCompany, Inventory?

Would be better if you could contact your host to increase the memory to at least 16 mb
I see. I'm not going to use MyRPG. The other two I'll use.
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