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Full Version: [Public Release] MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.5
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Ok, I am sorry once more Sad
For what? That means you fixed whatever it was causing the problem Big Grin (Unless you meant the inconvenience)
I am sorry for the problems it caused Tongue
I knew I had fixed almost every problem if not all of them on 0.2.5
Yeah reactivating plugins fixes everything but that means I gotta edit the money for each user manually. Sad
There's the maintenance tab. You can click "Recount users money"
Thanks for this update, Pirata Big Grin

You're welcome Smile
De nada Tongue
Great It's working in my forum.

I have a question what happend when a user die?? If he buy a potion restore the HP?
No, he must pay X money to the user who killed that user. The X money is set in MyRPG options
There are three user made companies on my site but there is no "apply" button while browsing companies. Any help?
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