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Full Version: [Public Release] MyPlaza Turbo 0.2.5
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Nope, sorry. This was disabled because some things wouldn't work correctly. :/ I am really sorry but this was done to keep you away from problems
That explains quite a few things then actually; I noticed things didn't seem to work right, and that probably explains why. Tongue
I am sorry Sad
Thanks Co_ol.
Btw Pirata, after upgrading to 0.2.5 the income module is messed up.
Users aren't getting paid for posts.
Also, I don't wanna recount because then users would get a lot of money...since a lot of them bought stuff.
It works perfect on my forum, then again, I still have the beta lol.
As you can see it works perfectly here. I did not change anything in the income module
All of my modules are messed up, now that I look at it it's not just income.
Here's a screenie of what happened when I tried clicked on "Options" for the bank module:
[Image: picture1dkx.png]
Would really appreciate any help. I already deactivated and reactivated my Income module, but that means I have to go thru and manually edit user's money.
I wonder what you did :S
Disable, Uninstall and reupload it and maybe that will help.
0.2.5 is definitely more stable; must have been the multiple companies that made my board get all messed up; will have confirmation once things get sorted more.
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