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Full Version: Item for set a avatar
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well i need a item for change the avatar of a user someone can make it, or can explainme how to make it?


Avatar: Confusedhinchan:

the url of the avatar need be editable for the admin.....

someone can hel me?

Sorry my english is a little bad, so i can explain fine the code/item needed.
An item that you type the url of the avatar you want, and then buy it? Good idea......
you wouldn't need to buy it, just save the image to your pc
its just a item, is a game like fashion, i have some good avatars and i want set them in MyPlaza as Premium Avatars.... with a cost for set them.
But once a user buys it, all other users can steal it
I have another idea:

A flash module like this:

so so difficoult that set the avatar as the user wants xD

hair dressis, face ecc ecc

and pressing save is the new avatar but it's a ..... stupid thing? (i can't say it in english) xD it's difficoultous
looks cool, but looks difficult to make =/
Don't think pn will make that lmao.
- Shadows.
I have better things to waste my spare time on Tongue
=.= well i will explain it better....

I need a item/module like the module "Change User Name/Title", it only change the value of the avatar in the database.
Instead of the user to put his own avatar, the avatar already defined by the administrator.

i will try explain it with a image

"The image is already uploaded"

[Image: 2rzqdsy.jpg]

This images has edited for a example

When the user buy it, automaticaly the avatar changes.

[Image: 33my8oo.jpg]

in the database:


[Image: 3327b0w.jpg]


[Image: xgje6a.jpg]
I understand. But what I'm telling you is that someone can right click over the image and save it to the computer and then use that image as the avatar for FREE
Do you understand? Tongue
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