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Full Version: 2 Questions to PN
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1) Is there a limit of text in the PM when buy items in plaza?
2) I just lost 159 000 (.)(.) ... You get the question lol.
- Shadows.
feature request:
Mass add points
Mass Remove points ( that checks for not being below 0 lol )
1) You mean private message items?
2) I don't understand the question
1. yes
2. He lost 159000 boobies and want them back
I know how to read. I know he lost those boobies, I want to know why and what happened...
The bank module was deactivated a while and all money there got lost I think, and sorry for telling you the question.

(02-23-2009, 02:35 AM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]2) I don't understand the question
doooooooooh idk this.......... i lost my Boobies???
all your boobies in bank are gone.
This applies for everyone =(.
- Shadows.
@1 yeah, pm items Tongue.
Yes I deactivated the bank by mistake yesterday lol. I am not sure if I should give your money back because I don't know if you really had that money
I thought so... Too bad for you Shadows. Tongue
don't you make backups? =(
Really why would I lie to you >_>
- Shadows.
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