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Full Version: [Release] Steal Money Module 1.5 Stable
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[info]New version(1.7) available in modules forum![/info]
Stable version.
1 Bug fixed.
Template reconstruct function added.
Removed things from 1.4.5 beta ( which was never released )

This is the most stable version ever =).

You can get it here:
[Image: download-icon.gif]

You have to pay Plaza points for it.. Well.. just PM me at that site and i'll donate you the required amount for it Wink. ( I don't think this will take much time compared to making it Smile )

Thank you,
- Shadows.
lol nice way to get members Tongue

Registered as DevilKid. Please give me the points.
very good!

i installed it (cant use it yet, due to Plaza Errors Sad)

Good Work!
@DevilKid sent!
Yes it's a good way, but you know i do this and i don't get much back so.. I think it's not asked too much =).
@DJ thanks =).
- Shadows.
what plaza errors?
good work shadows
DJ has got plaza errors when deactivating plaza ==> he tried once, and now he's stuck with them =(.
Thanks Nervo =).
- Shadows.
he's not stuck anymore, I fixed it
wow.. I didn't know I was already a member on your forums Big Grin I hadn't been active in the past do to the loss of that link, but your bookmarked now so I'll be pretty active Big Grin
@Nervo, Great! Nice work too haha Wink
@Totality Awesome! Thanks!
- Shadows.
[I have made 1.5.2 just not released yet]
1.5.2 Contains: Faster code.
1.6[huge thing] Contains: Protected Usergroup. ( you can only specify one )

Thank you,
Sorry ( for double post xP ),
- Shadows.