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Full Version: MyRPG xxxxxxx attacked you pm
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hey all you are dead pms are same and sender is dead one's murderer, so if someone sends a pm to another person he/she can get extra money. its not works for everyone but it can be work sometimes...

i send a pm to PN as like:
dared attacked you

You were attacked by dared and you lost the battle. Unfortunately you died and to come back to life you must pay 10.000.00(.)(.) to dared. (Donate this amount money to the user)

lets see what will be come Tongue i know i'm not a good boy. Tongue

finaly PN maybe sends xxxx attacked you pm's from admin account or makes an option for uid so forum owners creates a fake account as MyRPG System Bot.

Let a MyRPG Bot send the PM saying X attacked you. =).
Though of the same the other day lol.
- Shadows.
@dared you forgot the bold.
Only those who are stupid will pay before checking it on the plaza (MyRPG page) Tongue
so you're telling we're allowed to scam people like this -.-'.
Seriously.. It's a security problem..
- Shadows.
A security problem? I don't see where's the security problem.You could send a pm to somebody telling them they have a virus, etc. They can believe or not. You should re-think about what security means.
well.. i'm just saying i'd be tricked xDDD.
- Shadows.
I'd be tricked too if I wouldn't have noticed the missing bold around the "lost" and if I didn't know I was dead. I am going to add a validation thing at the bottom of the pm to prove that's a valid private message. The beta version doesn't have this but the public one will have
That would be cool. Tongue