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Full Version: Dead PM
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I just realized I was dead, and the PM I receiced said I had to donate 1000 boobs to M33 User, and I did.. but I'm still dead. And in myplaza it says I have to pay 100 to him. What do I do now??
Pay 100 to me then lol.
lol so unfair Tongue I'll better wait for PN reply lol
Stop being cheap lol. It's not even a problem as far as I can see.
yeah dood, 100 isn't that much.

Especially considering I have about 600 thousand in the bank.
The PM was sent before I changed the settings (I made it cheaper). I am going to give you 1000 and remove 1000 from m33 user.
But he never gave anything to me he lied lol.
The log says he did so stop lying you
I thought that I get a pm if I got the money. Never mind.
ok thanks PN Big Grin I was poor already lol and also.. when you try to buy super potion, it just said Couldn't buy item. And myplaza stole my 4500 boobs lol
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