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Full Version: [ANSWERS] MyRPG
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Hello, i have some answers to this module.
1) Where i can download it?
2) Is it legal if i translate it (don't diffusing it)?
3) how it work?
4) Has it a/some bug/s ?

I hope that i write this post in the right form xD
1) you can't yet
2) yes
3) read the existing threads
4) that's something I can't answer
thx for the 3* i don't understand that english :S
Then I can't explain because I will explain the same way xD
You will need to try and test it yourself to understand how it works
3) I register to your forums and kill everyone.
Hope that helps Smile.
- Shadows.
bwahahahahahaha xDDD
@shadows oh yeeees xDD Thanx 4 the sample grammar Big GrinD
Today i start the translatation.... if i have problem to understand it can i ask to you?

PS: Can i edit the name MYRPG?
because i have an idea ... mm how can i write it in english... mmm.... i write in italian: SU COME PRESENTARLO.... (How i present it?)

Certainly i DON'T remove rights Smile

Let me know it(if is correct the grammar lmao) kisses
MyRPG is the name of the module so please don't change it.
ok can i translate like il mio gioco di ruolo? or MyGDR
Click here

MyRolePlayingGame is english

say me and i don't translate it Big Grin
<br/><b>Double Post</b><br>
In this module if i must write è aumentata.. i must write &egrave aumentata?

And if i must write l'utente.... i must write l'\utente?

We do not understand italian
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