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Full Version: MyRPG - bug?
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I created a thread, i don't see attack this person for my post OK.
At one of my replies i can see attack thi sperson ( and it's me )
it links to
which would lead to attack the First user, which is Nervo in this case xP.
- Shadows.
So you mean like if you reply to my post you see attack this user in your reply?
I don't get you Shadows. xD

EDIT: Okey, now I got you, you see [Attack This User] in your postbit?
yes and it links to the above link which would attack Nervo
and no, Nervo only replied to that one.
i created topic ==> few pple replied ==> i replied ==> that reply xD.
- Shadows.
Oh yeh I get you. Mine says that too
Fixed it. Shouldn't display anything now
Nope, it doesn't. Wink
works =).
- Shadows