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Full Version: How to create items?
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How do you create items i have read threads but never been able to do it! How?
Do you mean here? You need to get a job if you mean here....
The current public version of MyPlaza does not allow the company owner to create items. Sad
He didn't say he was talking about MyCompany lol.
He can be talking about creating inventory items, I must wait until he answers back
oh, lol
okey Tongue

EDIT: YAY!!! You got transparent BG for MyRPG!! lmao
Yer it is to create items for people to buy. I have installed it and all.
Activate the inventory module and then click the add inventory item tab
Lol! thank-you For while there i thought that i would have to use something else MyPlaza Turbo rocks
lol anything you need, just ask (make sure you take a look at the F.A.Q. thread stuck in this section first)
Now it wont let me click it to buy it! Help?
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