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Full Version: [Toys4You] Green Block Creature, and price cut!
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Hi ppl!

A new item is available at Toys4You!
[Image: 14572917971621043533.png]
Click here to buy me!! =D

Price: 800.00(.)(.)

This block creature dosen't look too happy on the pic, but actually he is so funny that you'll get a good laugh every day! A must for ppl without humour! Smile

There is also a price cut!

[Image: 1743628789546160446.png]
Click here to buy me!! =D

Before: 800.00(.)(.) Now: 600.00 (.)(.)

Get this cool block creature now! It's cute and a good friend, it will help you on bad days! ^^ Get it now!

*Restocked Green Block Creature!*
There is still a Blue Block Creature left in the shop!!
They look weird lol.
Yeps lol.
@M33 They are monsters made to entertain you! Maybe they look weird but they can be friendly =).
- Shadows.
*Green Block Creature Restocked!*