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Full Version: Modifie inventory as a user
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Hello if a user want to display in the postbit an item instead than another item how can he do?


I have 5 items in a postbit,
Skate, skate, coca cola , Little dog , FIFA 09

And in the inventory i have many other things,call of duty, the crown of a king ecc.

I want that in the postbit there are this items:
Skate, Little dog, fifa, call of duty, Crown

How can i do?

[sorry for english, i'm italian
No it's not possible
Doooh It's true? So user only delete a item to show the other?
You can't just select to show this and that item. They're displayed by A-Z (I think) (I can't remember Tongue)
But i that i'm admin or also an user?
[he thinks it changes if you're admin/user]
No it will not be possible to do that feature.
At least yet.. Maybe Pirata Nervo will include this feature in a future version ( probably not though )
Thank you,
- Shadows.
:o thanks XD
Haha no problem.
Don't worry, i know all this because i'm LVL:
[Image: myrpg_image.php?lvl=1000000000000]
=) hahaha xD.
lmao your level displays as 5 for me. Does it display that number(21478..) for you?

I won't include it in any release
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