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Full Version: MyRPG question
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Hey, could you do like a HR

with like: +/- and you can maximize and minimize his RPG stats so it doesn't look that big?
Well maybe not an hr but anything that would make it less big for the posts =D.
Would be great.

PS: posted here to be sure Nervo replies to it =P
My screen's res is pretty high so it looks small here :/
To add a +/- I would need to add javascript aswell
No it's not for that, it's for the wasted space check:

found that ^^
Oh you're using the classic view. I still need to add javascript
OMG i just switched over to non-classic and it uses damn loads of space for your username xD.
I love Classic mode, can't live without it Smile.
- Shadows.
Don't see any javascript on normal.
You didn't understand.
I need to add javascript to get the +/- to work
I know it off topic but where can I get this module?
You can't. It has not been ereleased yet
But do try to add my +/- suggestion please ? =D.
It would be less space-wasting >.< lol.
I don't know, I am going to finish 0.1 as fast as I can, I won't include that in this version tho.. :/ You can switch to text mode which uses less space. I am going to start coding NervOS again so less time for the plaza
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