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Full Version: Some questions
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I'm here again with some modification questions.

There are three things I want to accomplish.

1. Get rid of the scroll bar in the shop.

2. Include the large item image in the description in the menu before you buy it.

3. I want to know how many characters are aloud in the item description and how to increase it.

These obviously have to do with editing the templates.
I recommend you to learn some HTML and PHP to accomplish those 3 things. It won't take anywhere if I tell you what to do because you will not know what you're doing.

For the 3rd thing, the max is 255 I think
... But i can explain 2.
Add an item
in HTML EXTRA you put this:
<img src="URLTOIMAGE.JPG" />
- Shadows.
That will display an image --' He wants to know how to display the logo. I don't think you can do it withotu code modifications. I would need to take a look at the permformed queries
lmao i thought that's what he wished -.-'
don't understand what he wants but ya.. lol.
- Shadows.