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Full Version: [Release] Steal Money Module 1.3 ( added Magic Shields )
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[warn]Click here for a newer version, 1.4!![/warn]
Download the old version, 1.3, here:
Upgrade instructions in readme & even future projects in readme.
Magic shields are shields that will protect you one time from a thief.
You can buy as many shields as you wish ( if you're not invincible ). On the status page you can check how many shields you have and if you are invincible.
i DID NOT include a german version because a lot of things have changed, probly 1.3.5 will also not include it but after that all the main features will be built and i will add it Smile.
NEW Preview:
[spoiler=Kewl, a preview Wink][Image: 31356s8.png][/spoiler]
Thank you for all,
- Shadows.
[warn]Forgot to upload this file: please also upload it to your site for it to work![/warn]
[Upload to: _forum_root_/]
And here are the German translations again:

oh ok thanks.
Hope you like it Smile.
Won't do much until saturday from now.
Loads of work to do =(.
Thank you,
- Shadows.
Ohh wow you can steal Tongue

you are interested for an italian version?

It is so good now i try it Tongue

I can't download


How can i do
Right click, save as xtimesitem.php =).
- Shadows.
if i do that it appear xtimesitem.htm :S
You don't use indentation!?
It's really hard to read your code without it.

And why a new file?
Why not just update the other one and create an upgrade script to add the new item so people don't need to reactivate?
Oh and I do not recommend you to use names like 'times', 'steal' for tables.
You should use a prefix like: 'stealmod_times', 'stealmod_steal'.

Good work anyway Smile
[info]@Trinit download newer version 1.4[/info]
yea i use it lol.
you don't see it ? >.<
@prefixes yea i know but i saw this too late..
i'll make an upgrade to 1.4
And yea i had forgot to upload it in the zip lol.
Thanks =).
- Shadows.
@prefix solved in 1.4 ==> 1.4.5 will include the ability to sell shields!