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Full Version: [Toys4You] Tasty Beer - Must be at least 18!
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[Image: 2lmw1hk.png]
(click here to buy it)

Cost: only 650 (.)(.) !!
Time to party with loads of tasty beers! =)
Don't forget to be 18! lol.

Thank you,
- Shadows.

*runs off without showing id*
Don't drink too much ! xD.
If you want another beer, i'll restock it haha jk.
talking abt beers, been some time i didn't drink one xD.
awe outta stock, I had ID too... D;/
Please tell me if you want me to restock this item.
This is completely free and the item's price won't change.
Only thing is that if you decide not to buy it after it has been restocked,
you will be charged a bill of 20 (.)(.)

Thank you,
- Shadows.
It's just 16 in belgium you know... :p
not sure about it lol.
What do pple care, i can get a beer as easily as a guy of 18 >.< but it's true im 15 so i'm pretty close to 16 lol xD.
- Shadows.
Lol, you can order a beer almost anywere and be underage
I once saw a prank with a 10-year old ordering a Duvel (33 cl, 8.5% alcohol -> strong beer lol), and he got it lmao
wtf, lool. Ppl are to lazy. Tongue
pple just want the money from it lol.
I don't buy them if i need them, i got a bro to do that! xD hahahahaha..
Only on occasional things though Wink.
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