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Full Version: (question) Slot Machine
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With the slot machine mod there is a pre-set amount of points inside the machine. I use lower rates for the machine, I'm wondering how do I make it so the machine doesn't give out all the points inside of it when the user roles a certain set of icons (I don't have the images set to all when they land on certain set), and how do I make it so the machine only holds a set amount and doesn't gain more points when someone puts points inside and loses. Thankies. ^ ^
Yeh, I think that's weird too. How can someone get money from a machine, when it doesn't loose the money it gives to you?? Tongue
It loses the money it gives you but I _think_ (Dont remember exactly) it injects 1000 (by default) whenever you click the spin button.
You can change the prices in the module settings Smile
I've changed that information already, it doesn't add anything when I player wins. I guess that should be okay.
Sometimes when you win money from the slotmachine, it has same amount of money inside.
Like this:

Inside Slotmachine: 6000
Spin slots
Win 500
Inside Slotmachine: 6000

And sometimes you win it all, and it goes back to default.
Like this:

Inside Slotmachine: 6000
Spin slots
Win 6000
Inside Slotmachine: 1000 (Default)
==> when you win you set what to inject the slot machine ==>
You win 500 and have put to inject 500 on win, ==> 6000-500+500 = 6000
- Shadows.
If the price is 500, it will put to 6000 of course.
The 2nd thing you explained seems okay for me, I don't see any problems
I think I figured it out.