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Full Version: Changed interest removes points?
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I just changed the interest rates for the bank and it looks like it removed my money that was in it.
emm tell me how do you "change the interest rates" >.< you can only deposit / withdraw -.-'
Maybe he's referring his his own forum?
Yeh, I think he have the problem at his forum.
What is the Bank interest at your forum now?
oh lol didn't understand that xD.
yeah, answer what CO_ol says..
The interest is changed via Admin CP (of course) and the only thing it does when pressing the save button is update the settings so I doubt it removed your money because of that
Well it only looked like it removed mine.
Too weird. I can check that later if yu want
Also I edited a users points... To give him the points from the lottery and it removed all his points from the bank @[email protected]'

My money from bank is gone now, I think I will have to remove the bank for now.
I guess you did not upgrade the bank module.
How did you upgrade to 0.2.4?
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