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Full Version: Malo Mart: Dodongo
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Pay 2000 Boobies and get a Dodongo today FREE! This is a limited time offer, so get them fast!
*Also Pirata I think you should allow uploading of JPGs and GIFs for the item icons.*
JPG = No, they dont have alpha channel.
I don't know about GIF's, I just made it like this, I don't remember why tho.

What's a dodongo?
I bought it anyway lmao
Ah, I guess it's best in PNGs...but you should maybe put a line there saying only PNGs can be uploaded.
A Dodongo is a lizard from the Legend of Zelda.
Oh, I remember lol.
The description says "png image" I think, I am not sure tho Tongue
how do you buy somthing and its free??
Haha. Good question.
lol i looked real fast