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Full Version: [WorldCreationz] New Product Line!
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The WorldCreationz biological engeneers are pleased to announce they have succesfully created a cheap human cloning process. Because of this discovery, WordCreations is now able to launch the new Soldierâ„¢ Product Line. You can new recruit your own expert clone army (reminds a bit of Star Wars doesn't it?).

The first soldier available in this product line is the Standard Soldier,
available here:

After an extensive training program, the Elite Soldier is now
available for purchase here:

Now that our engineers have perfected their equipment, we proudly present
the Gas Soldier, available here: [url][/url]

For all your assasination-needs, we would like to present you
the Sniper Soldier here: [url][/url]

After a week, the launch of our new Soldierâ„¢ Product Line is complete, we invite you to look at our latest soldier,
the Soldier Captain, here: [url][/url]

Thank you,
-WordCreationz Management Team
Good work Alensis, thank you.
lol cool.
I bought that too sorry dbomb Tongue
Could you release this? I'd like this on my forum. Big Grin
MyCompany 2.0.0 is not available yet and will be only next week.
awwww next week when? xD
Thank you,
- Shadows.
I don't know yet lol
Nice soldier, xD
Lol, thanks cool Smile

New soldier available now, check first post.
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