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Full Version: module i'll be making these days
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Ok guys.
I already have a new suggestion for the Steal Money Module:
Add a flood to the PM sender on attempt..
But i want first to finish a thing i already started some days ago..
Add posts to your counter.
Didn't do much for it.
YES I KNOW, the sample demo module is that, but it doesn't have any options to choose how many posts & etc. I might even do like add it to a log Smile.
You will be able to choose: price per post
user will be able to choose: how much posts to buy.

Thank you,
- Shadows.
seems cool, keep it up Smile
Yeh, I like the idea. Tongue
It's developped, still requires some testing Smile.
Thank you,
- Shadows.
Yay, I think I'm going to install it on MyRPG release, hope there will be more updates 'til then. Tongue

Keep up the good work!
If anyone wants to test, i'd be glad to let you test, just PM me and i'll send you the files..
But won't send them today though, i've got music lessons in 20 mins lol.
@CO_ol thanks ^^.