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Full Version: [RELEASE] Steal Money Module 1.1 Incl. Invincibility item.
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Download it here:
[warn]Removed download, new version is out, 1.2![/warn]
The more downloads, the more it encourages me to release a newer version..

God, just read the readme lol. Took me time to make xP.
I hope you guys'll like it Smile.
- Steal money from someone
- Choose amount to steal
--> the more, the harder
- Invincibility item
--> Buy it and noone can steal money from you
====> Future version will have invincibility item / protect me for X times item Smile.
- Send PM on attempt/successful attempt of stealing
--> En/Dis-Able in ACP

And a few more things just check it out Wink.
Well took me quite some time to make it Wink.
Don't modify it.. As said in the readme, i want it as it is on your site Smile.
(only for langs allowed)

Well see for yourself Wink.
I think this module will be interesting for a lot of people Smile.

If you use this module please reply to this thread with your site, it'd be really cool to know how many people really use it Smile.
good work, does it work with no problems?
Thanks Tongue
I tested it, didn't find any other issue Smile.
- Shadows.
Now's cooler than ever Big Grin Thanks!
Thank you! I'll give it a try.